Lisbon is Likable

This has been a full day of sight seeing, photographing, and sampling  some of the local foods.  Good Monday morning everyone. We woke up to a cool sunny day here in Lisbon, Portugal with a full day of planned activities.  Mary Alice and I enjoyed a great breakfast in the hotel restaurant. We gathered our things from the room and made our way down to the front of the hotel.  Viking had four buses waiting for us to give everyone a tour of the city.  We left the hotel with a chatty guide speaking on the bus loud speaker system. Our first stop of the day was at the Tower of Belem, a fortress built in the 13th Century to keep invaders from Lisbon.  Next to the Tower is a Nautical Memorial dedicated to all the lost sailors and marines of the Portuguese Navy. 750_5842a_resize


Our next stop was at the Portuguese Nautical Museum, home to artifacts from the age of discovery, 1400s-1800s by Portuguese explorers like Henry the Navigator and Vasco de Gama. It also housed all the Portuguese Naval air craft from the WW1.





Our next stop was the Alfama, an original neighborhood in the old part of Lisbon.  It is composed of very narrow streets, local fado bars, and graffiti.



We returned to our hotel and Mary Alice and I walked around the corner for lunch, returned to the room for a short nap and we were off again.  This small tour was a taste of the local food.  Our tour departed at 3PM and the first stop was at a small local restaurant for a custard tart and coffee.  Very good. We continued our walk to a local lunch spot for a beef sandwich.  I didn’t care for it, too tough.  The last stop was a taste of local hams, sausage and cheese.  750_6027a_resize


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